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Network Strategy

Do you have a Network Marketing STRATEGY?

Do you have a Network Marketing STRATEGY?

You’ve joined a Networking team and NOW WHAT? It is so important to have a Network Marketing Strategy to make the best use of your time and utilize your Networking group to produce results. There are many Strategies that you can start with immediately:

1.Invite Business Owners to your Chapter meetings as a guest – this way you will be introducing them to a new potential referral base, an opportunity earn more business. The business owner will learn more about you and your business without feeling pressured. This is mutually beneficial.

2. Set up Outside Meetings with members in your team and learn more about them. In turn, they will learn more about you and the referrals will be natural.

3. Give, give and give.  Why?  If you are giving to the other members, you will be the first one they think of when a referral opportunity comes their way… Top of Mind Awareness.  If a member or guest gives you a referral, you cannot forget them. However, the giving must be unconditional and sincere.

4. Listen – learn as much as you can about the team members in your chapter.  They are your Sales Force and the more each of us listen to each other, the easier it will be to give a referral.

5. Focus on building strong Relationships with all the members in your chapter and the other chapters. Each person/business owner knows at least 200 to 2000 people/business owners. You want to reach that member’s network.

6. Write down your goals/network strategy and how you plan to achieve those goals with your Network Group.

7. Ask the Leadership members for help if you are struggling.  Your success is everyone’s success.

Get your Network Marketing Strategy started today.

Never Stop Asking “what have I done for my network lately”