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Vice President

Vice President

  1. Set Goals for referrals, members, outside meetings, & visitors for the month.
  2. Discuss & set the top 10 most wanted positions.
  3. Discuss how many members/visitors we have for the month to date.
  4. Keep track of referrals & outside meetings for all members of the group.
  5. Submit your report online no later than the 5th of the following month and pay attention to emails from corporate.
  6. Submit supply request reports as needed.
  7. Maintain the count for member of the month and report the winner no later than the 5th of each month.  A minimum of 10 points are required for a member to qualify for member of the month. If a member does not qualify or you do not submit the Member of the Month by the 5th, then it will not be posted on the website as they added at the same time once a month
  8. To access chapter emails, click on leadership then on “TNT Web Email” or click here.

Use the following scale to calculate Member of the Month points.

1 point for each day the member attends
1 point for each outside meeting the member has during the month
2 points for each visitor a member brings in
10 points for each new member a contestant sponsors

 In case of a tie, use the following structure (in this order) to determine a winner:

  1. The member with the most “member sponsor” points  (a visitor which joins,any chapter)
  2. The member with the most “visitor” points
  3. The member with the most  BOOM “Bring on outside Meeting” points
  4. The member with the most “attendance” points

Note:  Every meeting keeping a running total of who’s in front for member of the month.  Keep it fun and competitive, everyone enjoys the competition.