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Membership Committee

The membership committee responsibilities are vital to the stability of the chapter. Thorough record keeping, processing of applications, and enforcing TNT membership policies are key components to the success of the chapter. 

To access chapter emails, click on leadership then on “TNT Web Email” or click here.

Visitors Exchange After the referrals are passed the president will invite the guest out to meet with membership for a quick exchange at the end of the meeting.. This is an opportunity, to confirm the interest in becoming an applicant for TNT membership.

Member Testimonial Handout is available to leave with visitors, encourage them to reach out to other members try to suggest a complimentary category.
add some flavor:  Did you know that you we encourage you visit other chapters if your category is open, a part of your membership, your personal experience or reference a person experience.
Membership Information Handout  has several Benefits of TNT,Basic fees & dues these are outlined here,if they join prior to the 15th they pay the entire months dues. Should they need the payments options they may be refered to the payment menu on the website.
Cover Attendance policies. We respect and refer members and Business that are prompt & reliable, its Character! – Come early and schedule outside meetings to enhance your relationships. TNT has a generous  a two term period for the year, six month each, this comes with a liberal allowance of 6 substitutes in each term. We encourage you to invite a visitor as a sub. (tardies/and early exits are enforced, and equal 1/2) 3 absences are the maximum allotted… Since they’re representing you and your business prepare them with your 60 sec encourage them to be early/on time, and stay for the entire meeting.(They must be 18 yrs of age)

Membership Attendance:   This menu tab holds the “Chapter Health Check” of each Chapters status.

  • Visitor & Member count, with membership goals, and the Member of the month.
  • The individual attendance record and Anniversary month of each member.
  • The sheet totals for each member are recorded to the right, and the key at the top of the sheet, please submit within 24 hours of the meeting.
  • To fill out your weekly  chapter attendance report find your Chapters form under the Membership Attendance Tab.
    • Leave of Absence ” can be requested by the member filling out the Extended leave request form.  Corporate will forward to leadership once approved, then it may be marked as such on the attnedance form.

Member Applications   will be received by  membership and the president.
It is vitally important that member applications are processed very carefully and promptly. A TNT chapter is only as strong as its weakest member and the selection process of new members is crucial to the health of the chapter as a whole.  It is up to the Membership Committee to ensure the process is not circumvented. If membership needs assistance in decision-making, the next process is to speak with the VP.

  • No member will be inducted until membership fees & dues have been received and an online application is submitted (note: membership is emailed a copy of the application instantly when an application is submitted. Once the Payment online- has been made and the recurring form filled out Corporate will notify you to proceed with the Change Form,if you have not received the application then it did not get submitted and you cannot induct the new member).

Interview  Contact the Applicant with 48 hours & schedule a sit down or phone Interview.

  • The interview is designed to verify and clarify information contained in the application. Careful attention must be paid to the description of products and services represented by the applicant as to avoid potential overlap with an existing member. You must ask questions and clarify. It is required to consult a member in the chapter of any overlap regarding concerns to verify the new member is not a conflict. . More often than not these make for great business relationships which result in referral exchanges by both parties.
  • Be sure to clarify the primary occupation of the applicant in the event that an applicant provides the same or similar products or services over-lapping another sitting member. It must be made clear to the applicant that they may not solicit or promote such business within the Total Networking Team chapter. Any member disregarding this guideline is subject to dismissal from the chapter!
  • Prior membership, contact applicant’s previous chapter and sponsor email the admin if you need more information to do so. let’s see if they are still a fit.
  •  Membership Interview Questionnaire on the Meeting Forms menu, is provided for you.   

 Membership Acceptance  is the at the discretion of the Committee.
An accepted member should be asked to  process their payment and sign up for the recurring payment of dues, payments, renewals.
The Membership Change Form  see drop down under Meeting Forms, needs to be completed,this process is required for leaving members, and transferring members,will activate all administrative processes

Induction Process : Invite the “new member” to the front of the meeting-Introduce them to the Chapter by reading their detailed business description (found their application)
Ask the group to hold the booms until the end, Read the Code of Ethics
BEFORE the book gets passed around, have them put a page of their business cards in the chapter card book


1.1 Attendance Policy, section 1.1.1  Attendance reporting: Refer- to this & it will help you with your reporting.
Once a member is absent two times let them know you are aware and ask if there is something that can be done to aide to the member.
Letters will be sent, by corporate, at three absences, at the fourth absence, an open category letter will be sent. This will be a dismissal of membership.
Leave Policy, section 1.1.3  Leave of absence due to unforeseen circumstances,
These are to be approved by the Membership Committee and go to corporate for review. (Member is responsible for filling out the request form.)
If the Member holds a Leadership Position the president is to fill out the Leadership change form if there will be a change in leadership.
1.2 Disruption Policy No texting, laptops, emails, or side conversations during meeting time will be tolerated, and will be handled by Membership they may define disruptions as they see appropriate. Disruptions will not be TOLERATED! Enough said.
 1.3 Dispute s Policy  In the event of a member dispute, they need to follow the process in this section.
If the issue cannot be resolved between members, then membership must step in and mediate the process.
Any questions in this matter please consult the VP of the group, then corporate
1.5 Dues & Renewals:
Refer- to the policy of Attendance* when dues are in arrears, Membership and presidents will be notified in such event


Thank you for your Vital Contribution to your Chapter and TNT as a whole. Your generosity of time is greatly appreciated.
contact the Admin@totalnetworkingteam.com should you need further support!