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Travis Reeves » Directory

Travis Reeves

Twofold Mold Inspections
Home 2138 Middlesettlements Rd. Maryville TN 37801 Cell Phone: (865) 617-0708 Work Phone: (865) 617-0708 Website: www.twofoldmold.com
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Twofold Mold Inspections specializes in testing, sampling and consulting as it relates to mold/bacterial growth. Whether you are purchasing a home, concerned about your indoor air quality, or managing a property, I can help! Twofold Mold Inspection offers a variety of services and testing methods to fit your needs!  Mold test are in high demand.  People want to protect their health and their investments.  If you are suffering from mold allergies, black mold, persistent moisture issues, water damage, or foul odors then you are in need of a mold inspection.  Twofold Mold provides a thorough visual inspection of your home or business and testing through air sampling and direct examination.  Air sampling can identify the types of mold present, if the mold levels are elevated, and if they are toxigenic.  Twofold Mold will provide thorough reports within 48 hours of the inspection that are complete with raw spore count numbers, interpretations of lab results, photos, areas of concerns, source of mold, and recommendations to remove it from your home or business.  If you’re thinkin’ somethings stinkin’, if what you’re smellin’ has been a dwellin’, if your breathin’ is becoming a weazin’… it’s mold season!  Call me today!

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